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Frequently asked questions about our service

Q: How Does Wink Photos at Home work?


i. Photographer's availability is agreed with the Wink Photos at Home booking Co-ordinator in advance, within agreed service areas.

ii. You will receive bookings directly from Head Office each week. We currently pay at a flat rate for each booking completed.

iii. You deliver a great service and earn additional income from the up-sell of any additional digital files.

Q: Why partner with Wink Photos at Home?


We offer the following benefits:

i. Flexibility: Full Time or Part Time work on your terms which works around your other commitments.

ii. Route to Market: our unique platform brings together Professional Photographers with real clients.

iii. Support & Safety: head office with support line. No cash payment policy. Free consultation and in house training to help develop as a Photographer on our platform.

iv. Join our community: work alongside other Photography Professionals, share ideas and experiences via our in house forums. 

v. Earning potential in excess of £30,000 p/a.

Q: What is expected of Photographers?


i. Personality: in addition to having formal qualifications, you will need to be cheerful, confident, resourceful, reliable and have an out-gong personality in order to succeed as one of our Photographers. 

ii. Photography: you will need to be a competent, creative and resourceful Photographer, with the ability to run professional photo shoots under differing circumstances. You will use studio equipment/flash, as well as on camera flash & natural light.

iii. Availability: you will need good availability - at least 3 days a week and ideally 5 days a week. This must include availability for weekend and evening work.

iv. Service Areas: you will be expected to cover at least 2 London Boroughs - it is the Photographer's responsibility to make their own transport arrangements (probably bus/tube) and to arrive on time for all appointments.

v. Safety: a head office support line and a no cash policy. All clients are vetted prior to sending out our Photographers. Photographers have the right not to enter a property if they have any concerns.

vi. Duties: you are expected to deliver a high standard of photography and photography services at all times. You are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times. You are expected to be available for client bookings as you have agreed your availability with our Bookings Co-ordinator. You are expected to maintain all equipment to ensure that it is all clean and in full working order for all bookings.

Q: What will you need ?


i. Proof of formal Photography qualifications to degree level.

ii. Proof of right to work in the UK and registered as self employed.

iii. Proof of Public Liability Insurance (if you don't have it, we can help with this).

iv. Access to agreed service areas.

v. To have completed the Wink Photos at Home in house training course - we do not charge for this training. Completion of this training is considered part of your application process, as we will be excessing you progress and suitability. All in house training is unpaid. The length of this training will be dependant on the applicant's previous experience. Training covers photographer styles, Wink Photos at Home methods and sales practices.

vi. To speak English fluently. 

Q: What Equipment will I need?


Prior to starting with us are will need the following equipment - all equipment will be inspected prior to starting with us and will be used during all in house training sessions:

i.  Professional DSLR camera + memory cards, batteries etc

ii. Cellular enabled iPad + card reader. Available on contract. and we can help to arrange this for you.

iii. Wink Photos at Home Pro kit - available to rent.

iv. Smart Phone.

v. Branded Wink Photos at Home top and jacket (available to purchase) + smart black jeans/shoes.

Q: How Do I apply?

A: To start the application process, simply complete the form at the top of this page. You will then be contacted by one of the Wink Photos at Home team for an initial phone conversation - you will be asked to supply a full CV prior to attending a formal interview.