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New Born

Capturing your new arrival right at the beginning of their journey

Beautiful New Born images taken during the first weeks of life

Our staff have been specially trained in how to capture those first moments when all they want to do is sleep and eat whilst the rest of the world goes by.

Incorporating specialist props and backgrounds together with all the techniques necessary for capturing these truly mesmerising images. 

The first days of a New Born baby's life are some of the most precious and your images will allow time to stand still for ever more and will become some of your most precious items in the years to come. 

New Born sessions should be held as soon as possible after the birth to ensure your baby responds to soothing and posing techniques that we use and that they are still really sleepy and curly from their time in the womb. This service can also be adapted for twins & triplets.

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Frequently asked questions about our service

Q: How should I prepare for my New Born Photo Shoot?

A: Please ensure that your home is nice and warm as your Photographer will try to get your little one to sleep for at lease some of the shoot. It is also a good idea not to feed your baby directly before the shoot, as feeding your baby will often result in them falling asleep and this is best done once the photographer is set up. Please have ready any outfits, bonnets etc that you would like featured in your images.

Q: Where will the Photo Shoot take place within my home?

A: Your photographer will arrive with all the back drops, lights and props for your New Born photo shoot and just needs some space to set up - this can be in your lounge, nursery or wherever you feel is appropriate. However part of the skill of your photographer is to also use what they find inside your home once they arrive and therefore with permission may use any props, blankets that they find - using such items makes the resulting images even more personal to you.   

Q: I have more than 1 New Born Baby!

A: Twins, triplets etc are of course more than welcome for our New Born photo shoots - all we ask is that we are asked to photo siblings only, as we have found from experience that multiple new born babies from different parents/families does not create the right ambience for the photo shoot.

Q: Can parents and older brothers & sisters be involved?

A: This type of photo shoot is primary aimed at New Born babies, however if time allows the photographer will be able to include additional photos of other family members. It is worth noting that these photo shoots generally need to be taken in a quiet and calm atmosphere.

Q: Can I leave my baby alone with the Photographer?

A: We ask that at least one parent remains with your new born baby at all times - this also applies to any other siblings present at the photo shoot.

Q: When will I see my photos?

A: Once the Photographer has finished your photo shoot, they will need a short time to upload the images onto their iPad, make selections and run a few filters. This is your chance for a quick break - after approximately 15 minutes the photographer will be ready to show you the best of your images. You will be shown a slideshow of these images and after that you can make your selections. Once you have made your selections your Photographer will email you an upload link in order for you to receive your high resolution images - your Photographer will ask you to confirm that you have received these images before departing. Please note that this is your only opportunity to view your images and make your selections - any additional images to those that have been pre-paid for will need to be paid for at this time, by debit or credit card.

Q: How long will it take?

A: We aim for your Photographer to be with you for around 2 hours. During this time they will set up, run the photo shoot, show you your images and then send you your upload link to allow you to access your purchased images. Please note that your photographer will not be able to return at a later date in order for you to have a second look at your images and therefore all purchases must be made during this time.

Q: Once I have my images, how do I get them printed?

A: We offer a whole host of printing services at extremely competitive prices via this web site. These include loose prints, framed pieces, wall canvasses and photo albums. Please follow the tab at the top of this page to view these options. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Once booked unless there are exceptional circumstances we are unable to offer any refunds, however we can alter any bookings with a minimum of 48 hours notice - this includes changing to an alternative type of photo shoot or altering time/date (subject to availability). Alterations with less than 48 hours notice will be completely at the company's discretion and will not always be possible. To alter your appointment please call the office on 0203 928 0942 the lines are open 9am - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday.