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Photo Shoots centred around your four legged friends

Your Photo Shoot based around your favourite pet or pets

These photo shoots are for all your favourite pets with or without the rest of the family!

Sometimes it's just great to focus on your pets to capture all the fun and loving things they do for us. Our Photographers are specially trained to capture truly unique pet images and may even get them doing new things - sometimes it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks!

Pet Photo Shoots create a set of images that you will look back on with fond memories for years to come.

Other Photo Shoot options:

Capturing your new arrival right at the beginning of their journey

from £39*

Your bundle of fun whilst they are at their cutest

from £39*

Fun and messy involving chocolate cake to create unique images

from £39*

Get the whole family together, for images that you will treasure forever

from £39*

Having a birthday party? Book one of our photographers to capture all the fun

from £39*

Frequently asked questions about our service

Q: How should we prepare for a Pets Photo Shoot?

A: This sounds obvious but please make sure that your pet is ready for a Photo Shoot - ideally walked beforehand (if appropriate!), had the chance to go to the toilet and when appropriate clean / brushed / groomed. The better your pet looks, the better the photos. Think about locations indoors and outdoors (outdoors locations need to be within a 10 minute walk) and any suitable props. Think about who else you would like to be in the photos and what they need to wear.

Q: Where will the Pets' Photo Shoot take place?

A: This is completely up to you. Your Photographer will arrive with all the equipment needed including lights and cameras. We do not provide backdrops for Pet Photo Shoots and use locations around the home and outdoors - any outdoor location will need to be within a 10 minute walk.

Q: How many pets can be in the Photo Shoot?

A: We will try to include all the families pets, however large or small (perhaps excluding fish!). Cats can be particularly tricky but at the same time if they're cooperative can take lovely photos - as always with cats it's on their terms! Sometimes getting all the family pets in one photograph can be tricky but your Photographer will try their very best if this is required. Please ensure that the Photographer is safe from all your pets as they will halt the Photo Shoot if they feel unsafe.

Q: Can the rest of the family be involved?

A: Yes of course but please remember that the purpose of a Pets Photo Shoot is to focus on the pets. Consider a Family Photo Shoot instead if you would rather the focus shifted to the humans - pets can be included in Family Photo Shoots.

Q: Can the pets be left alone with the Photographer?

A: Please stay with your pets at all times. Also children cannot be left alone with the Photographer.

Q: When will I see my photos?

A: Once the Photographer has finished your photo shoot, they will need a short time to upload the images onto their iPad, make selections and run a few filters. This is your chance for a quick break - after approximately 15 minutes the photographer will be ready to show you the best of your images. You will be shown a slideshow of these images and after that you can make your selections. Once you have made your selections your Photographer will email you an upload link in order for you to receive your high resolution images - your Photographer will ask you to confirm that you have received these images before departing. Please note that this is your only opportunity to view your images and make your selections - any additional images to those that have been pre-paid for will need to be paid for at this time, by debit or credit card.

Q: How long will it take?

A: We aim for your Photographer to be with you for around 2 hours. During this time they will set up, run the photo shoot, show you your images and then send you your upload link to allow you to access your purchased images. Please note that your photographer will not be able to return at a later date in order for you to have a second look at your images and therefore all purchases must be made during this time.

Q: Once I have my images, how do I get them printed?

A: We offer a whole host of printing services at extremely competitive prices via this web site. These include loose prints, framed pieces, wall canvasses and photo albums. Please follow the tab at the top of this page to view these options. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Once booked unless there are exceptional circumstances we are unable to offer any refunds, however we can alter any bookings with a minimum of 48 hours notice - this includes changing to an alternative type of photo shoot or altering time/date (subject to availability). Alterations with less than 48 hours notice will be completely at the company's discretion and will not always be possible. To alter your appointment please call the office on 0203 928 0942 the lines are open 9am - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday.